Cristal Original Ballpoint Pens, Assorted Colours, Pack of 4


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  • The medium 1.0 mm point glides across the page with unmatched comfort for smooth smudge-free writing
  • Efficient design that’s simple and trusted
  • The super-durable pen has enough ink to write for an average of 3km (black and blue cartridges only)
  • Made with minimal materials and proudly certified by the NF Environnement eco-label
  • Medium Point (1.0 mm) easy-glide and long-lasting pens

From the manufacturer

Although the BIC Cristal Original pen is a household product all over the world, it has also achieved the high honour of being considered a work of art. Major museums across the globe, like the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Musée d’Art Moderne/Pompidou Centre in Paris have added the BIC Cristal Original pen to their permanent collections. It is also acclaimed by artists because it can be used to write anything as well as draw. As for designers, the BIC Cristal Original pen has inspired totally original and extraordinary creations such as chairs, lamps, curtains, and vases.

Simple? Looks can be deceiving

At first glance, the BIC Cristal Original ballpoint pen seems to have an extremely simple design. Yet it is actually quite technically complex. Since 1950, BIC has made no compromises and left nothing to chance to continually improve the performance of this iconic ballpoint pen and offer consumers the same writing quality throughout the life of the pen. BIC still makes the BIC Cristal Original pen in its own plants on machinery designed by BIC engineers. The company also manufactures its own inks to assure a smooth and high-quality writing experience.

BIC Cristal: the pen that lasts

The BIC Cristal pen is streamlined to the max and only weighs in at 5.8 g! Every detail is engineered to do one thing: write – and keep writing for as long as possible. Made to last, this ball pen writes up to twice as long as other common ballpoints. An average of 3 km.

Kevin Lucbert

Kevin Lucbert is a French artist, born in 1985. Having graduated from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2008, he now lives between Berlin and Paris. Kevin Lucbert is also a member of the Ensaders artist collective. He regularly participates in performances and exhibitions, as well as leading drawing workshops.

Writing line width 0.4mm 0.36mm 0.6mm 0.4mm 0.45mm 0.42mm
Point size 1mm 0.8mm 1.6mm 1mm 1.2mm 1.6mm
Writing length 3000m 3500m
Environmental credentials


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