Moisturizing Hair Regenerating Conditioner for Swimmers Vegan Lychee Mango (90 Ml)


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  • ✅ TRISWIM Conditioner together with TRISWIM Shampoo creates a perfect synergy that cleanses dry hair from Chlorine and Salt Water, while moisturizing and regenerating it. Our conditioner will heal and soothe dry hair, leaving it refreshed and healthy.
  • ✅ TRISWIM Conditioner effectively supports hair regeneration thanks to the high content of nutrients. It is the perfect conditioner for those who want to build stronger and healthier hair.
  • ✅ Suitable for All Swimmers and more: Daily swim workouts, exercising in the water or lounging around by the pool or at the beach? The shampoo will keep your hair Chlorine and Salt Water free, healthy and soft. TRISWIM Hair and Skin care products for Swimmers are products recommended by United States Masters Swimming and Canada Masters Swimming.
  • ✅ The exotic Lychee and Mango scent appeals to men, women and kids. In addition to the amazing scent, our shampoo is made paraben-free, gluten-free and without animal-testing.
  • ✅ TRISWIM Strongly regenerating hair conditioner is rich in nutritious Grain Mega Proteins and Keratin that effectively support hair reconstruction. A specially developed formula protects and heals swimmers’ hair against strong drying factors.


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