Bodyclock Halogen Bulb 42W


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  • Suitable for all Lumie Bodyclock models except Classic
  • Fully dimmable
  • 2800°K colour temperature
  • 630 lumens
  • Long lifetime approximately 2000 hours

Product Description

This 42w SES halogen bulb provides equivalent light to old style 60w bulbs and is suitable for use in all Lumie Bodyclock models with the exception of Lumie Bodyclock Classic.Lumie Bodyclock bulbs are fully dimmable and provide a light which is pinkish in hue at very low light levels gradually changing in colour temperature through yellow and to white light before reaching maximum intensity. It provides instant light when switched on. Screw fitting.

Bodyclock bulbs are for use in Bodyclock dawn smulators which wake you up gradually with a simulated sunrise. The brightening light brings you gently out of sleep, prompting your body to suppress the sleep hormone melatonin while increasing hormones like cortisol to help you get up and go. Waking to natural light resets your sleep/wake cycle and has been shown to boost your mood, productivity and energy levels all day.

Lumie, the Cambridge-based light therapy specialist, invented the dawn simulator in 1993. Working with the scientific community they have developed the best-selling Bodyclock range as well as devices for SAD, jet lag, and acne. For expert advice to discover which light therapy devices would be best for you, call the Lumie Careline on 01954 780500


No active ingredients


INSTRUCTIONS: See operating instructions supplied with your Lumie Bodyclock model

Safety Warning

For use with Lumie Bodyclock products other than Bodyclock Classic. Always read the operating instructions supplied with your Lumie Bodyclock product.

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Lumie Bodyclock 42w halogen bulb


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