Burgess Rat Nuggets, 4 X 1.5 Kg


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  • Balanced protein – To help support muscle growth
  • Prebiotics – Contains natural prebiotics to help support healthy digestion
  • Linseed – Helps maintain healthy coat condition
  • Vitamins – Contains vitamins A, D3 and E essential for rats’ health
  • Antioxidants – Contains antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system

From the manufacturer


Linseed will help support a healthy skin and coat.


Food with prebiotics in will help support your rats’ digestion.

Balanced Protein

Balanced protein is an essential part of your rats’ diets.

Mono-component Food

Prevents selective feeding.

Feeding Rats the Correct Diet

Enrichment Feeding

Rats are omnivores have adapted to eat a mixed but balanced diet. It is important that rats are fed in an interactive way, for example by hiding their food around their housing on order to keep their minds active and encourage foraging behaviour.

Rats Eat Their Own Droppings

If you see your rats eating their own faeces, don’t panic. This is called Coprophagy and it is perfectly normal behaviour that helps them get all of the nutrients they need the second time around!

Avoid Sweet Treats

While rats do not necessarily need to be fed treats in their diet, many owners like to give their rats some extras. If you are planning to give your rats treats, make sure you only give them in moderation and that you know what is/isn’t suitable. Avoid sugary snacks, crisps, oranges, carbonated drinks and caffeine.

Rat Welfare Needs

Health & Wellbeing

Rats should receive annual veterinary check-ups, and you should check them daily for any signs of ill health. Rats are a prey animal so will hide signs of ill-health, which makes the annual vet visit really important in order to avoid illness. Common health problems too look out for in rats are respiratory infections, obesity, stress and tumours.

Companionship & Behaviour

Rats should never be kept on their own as they are likely to get depressed without the company of other rats. They’re also mainly active at night so need another rat or rats to keep them company at night while humans are asleep. Rats can live in groups, but make sure the housing has plenty of room for each rat or they will get stressed.

Housing & Environment

Rats’ housing should be as big as possible to allow them room to get plenty of exercise, however, it should never be any less than 3 cubic feet per rat. Housing should contain lots of levels so that they can climb. Nesting boxes should be provided for each rat, and a larger enclosed space to allow them to rest together. Rats also love a hammock or two to sleep in.

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