Defenders STV314 Mole Run Finder (585 Mm Metal Probe with Hardwood Handle, Locates Mole Runs), 61.6 Cm*3.0 Cm*12.0 Cm


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  • Mole Run Finder: Locate underground mole runs to assist with setting mole traps. Never waste time looking for mole runs again with the Mole Run Finder; probe the ground between mole hills until you feel the dibber give into the tunnel
  • Study construction: 585mm probe is made from steel with a hardwood handle making the mole run finder hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Assists with positioning mole traps: Use the mole run finder between mole hills to find the ideal positions for situating mole traps
  • Enlarged, bullet shaped tip: Allows for easy insertion into the ground
  • Estimate depth of tunnel: 585mm probe enables the depth of the tunnel to be estimated

From the manufacturer

Traditional, built to last pest control

Mole control

Protect lawns and gardens from damage caused by moles with 2 simple control methods; catch & kill and repel. Use Defenders mole products to protect:

  • Lawns
  • Seed beds
  • Meadows
  • Vegetable patches
  • Allotments

Mole Run Finder from Defenders

Preparation tool to locate mole tunnels before trapping with Defenders claw and tunnel traps.

The easy way to locate underground runs for setting mole traps. Defenders Mole Run Finder makes finding mole runs simple.

Made from steel with a sturdy hardwood handle, the shaft features a ‘bullet’ shaped end, so when it’s pushed into the ground, it creates a greater hole than the shaft. When you hit a mole run, you will feel the distinct ‘drop’.

  • 585mm metal probe with hardwood handle.
  • Makes finding mole runs simple.
  • Bullet shaped end to create hole in ground.
  • Part of the comprehensive range of products from Defenders.


A sturdy tool designed for repeated use year after year.


Probe the area around the molehill(s) until you feel it give way into the tunnel before trapping with Defenders claw and tunnel traps.

All weather

Strong, galvanised steel for long-lasting durability in the harshest of conditions, with varnished hardwood handle.

Mole Problems

We work hard to create beautiful gardens, manicure the perfect lawn and grow our own vegetables. Unfortunately moles have a bad habit of burrowing and popping up where they’re not wanted causing damage to plant roots, seedlings and lawns.

The first signs of mole activity are molehills; the soil mounds are the result of excavated soil from moles creating tunnels. Moles are territorial and one solitary mole can often be the cause of many molehills in your garden.

Moles are carnivorous, not plant eaters – damage to plants is accidental and caused by their lifestyle and burrowing activity. There are a number of ways you can prevent damage to your lawn using products from the Defenders range.

Catch & Kill Traps

The most commonly seen amateur-use mole traps that catch and kill are ‘tunnel traps’ and ‘claw’ or ‘scissor traps’ Both style of trap catch and kill moles in a fast and humane way. Made from galvanised steel these traps are made to last.

Tunnel traps are designed to fit horizontally into the mole tunnel. To work efficiently the trap must be covered over with soil to exclude sunlight in the tunnel. It is advised that you mark the location of your set trap with hi-vis mole trap markers so you are aware of their location for checking and removing any trapped mole.

Claw traps are also referred to as scissor traps on account of the trap closure action (like a scissor movement). Claw traps are positioned vertically into the mole tunnel and indicate activation by the physical closure of the handles. Whilst you can see the location of a claw trap, for safety it is advised to also indicate their location by using hi-vis mole trap markers to prevent tripping or damage from mow-over.

Sonic Technology

Sonic repellers emit sound waves penetrating through the soil without harm. The powerful sonic pulses create an acoustically hostile zone (as if a marching band had moved in next door) which moles find uncomfortable, driving them away from the protected area.

The Defenders range of Solar Mole Repellers are easy to set up and can protect large areas depending on their location and positioning. It may be required to use more than 1 device to protect an area if there are obstructions in the way like trees interrupting the travel of sonic pulses.

Sonic technology can be used in conjunction with other mole repellents like castor oil; see the full Defenders range of products for more details.

Poison-Free Pest Control

Also within the range of mole repellents is the Defenders Mole Scatter Granules.

Safe for use around children and pets, the castor oil biodegradable granules penetrate the soil creating a distasteful environment to drive moles away.

The Defenders all-natural formulation is ideal for use in the home environment, and around pets at play.

Humanely deters moles
Covers Up to 1000 sq m
Use in Gardens, seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks Gardens, seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks Gardens, seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks Gardens, seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks Gardens, seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks Gardens, seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks


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