Micron Superior Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Dental Cement A2 Natural Shade for Permanent Dental Restorations.


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  • PERMANENT DENTAL FILLING: This glass ionomer dental cement is a permanent filling material for the deciduous teeth, semi-critical and non-critical areas. Effective for restoration of primary teeth, smaller lesions, cervical erosions, and prior to crown preparation fillings.
  • SELF ADHERENT RESTORATION: This hand mix filling kit offers strong self-adhesive properties to the enamel making it an excellent option for dental restoration. The easy-to-use dental filling kit exhibits a coefficient of expansion similar to the tooth structure.
  • RADIOPAQUE ADHESION: You get a high compressive strength radiopaque adhesion; the permanent restoration kit offers high and continuous fluoride release for excellent bonding and low water solubility.
  • NATURAL AESTHETIC SHADE: The glass ionomer dental filling comes in A2 Shade so you can easily achieve natural aesthetics. This makes it similar to your natural teeth’ texture and shade.
  • HAND MIX DENTAL FILLING KIT: The tooth cavity repair kit includes powder 15 g, liquid 10ml, 1 x spoon, 40 x mixing pad, and an instruction manual

Micron superior glass ionomer dental cement is a Type 2 self curing/self adherent dental crown restoration material. This Micron Superior filling polymer comes with an instruction manual to easily understand its application. The dental filling kit offers radiopaque compressive adhesion that strengthens over time. It remarkably mimics the tooth structure with a natural shade and provides minimal abrasion and surface hardening. Simply mix 1 spoonful of powder with a drop of the liquid on the mixing pad to achieve the homogeneous consistency. Once applied, you get a high continuous fluoride release that reduces demineralization of surrounding teeth. This long-lasting dental restoration promotes internal remineralization and ensures less margin stress.


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